What the students are saying...


Student Evaluations of Classical Performance Class

This is the best class I have ever taken!  I learned so much about performing.  Jeff does an incredible job; he is so intelligent. This class should be required to take more than once. I will certainly take it again!

Jeffrey has an amazing talent for bringing out the performer in his students (if you’ll let him work with you.) ….Excellent teacher!

Jeff is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I learned more with him than I ever have from any other teacher… He’s understanding, intelligent…I think this should be a year long course, maybe a longer class period would be good, [too].  Thanks, Jeff, for giving me a new way to approach playing classical music and for having the patience required for this kind of class.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Individual Voice Instruction, Student Evaluations:

I feel honored to be working with Jeff. He is truly an inspiring  person and teacher. I learn so much in every class...  He is pushing me in new and positive directions with my singing. I feel uplifted and hopeful after every lesson. He brings variety and adds a new and exciting flavor to singing as well as bringing character to whatever piece of music I am working on. I appreciate that he is so open to hearing my ideas about singing, and I feel that he really has an ability to pull creativity out of me. He is a very positive influence on myself and also the other students at this school. I look forward to continuing to work with him further.

Fantastic, Jeff is Brilliant!

The instructor is amazingly great and taught me soooo much about myself. I really hope I get to work with him again.

Jeff rocks!  I really enjoy lessons. I have progressed so much. And I really trust Jeff and feel as though he most definitely knows what’s up.

I really like the fact that if I’m not getting something, instead of making it my problem, he finds ways that I can understand it.

Jeff has assisted me in finding out what my voice really is. He has opened the door to a whole new opportunity for growth in my singing. We have had such a great time during our lessons. He makes learning fun and enjoyable, yet challenging at the same time. I am very much looking forward to more progress in my voice, and I know that he will point me in that direction. I look forward to next semester with him.

Jeff is wonderful and I have improved immensely. He is a great motivator and a valuable asset to Cornish!

Jeff is fantastic fun to work with, and my voice has been developing steadily with him.

Jeff has greatly increased my musical ability not only technically, but by giving me confidence in my ability. He is wonderful to work with!

Jeff’s great. I’ve made more progress in this class then I ever thought I could.

Jeff pushes me and is very concerned with my needs as a singer. He is an amazing asset to the Cornish faculty.

I felt challenged in all the right ways. There was pushing to do  better but not so much that it seemed to be overwhelming.

This class has been incredibly helpful to me. I feel that my voice and vocal abilities have progressed miles and miles. I really enjoy Jeff Moidel as a teacher and have learned much from him. I feel that he really understands vocal technique and he is very good at giving useful criticisms and tools. I enjoy class and learning!

He’s the greatest teacher! But sometimes he’s so funny it’s hard to keep a straight face.

Jeff sets the bar high. When an exercise is not the sound he was looking for, he lets you know immediately. At first, this is frustrating, but eventually you appreciate it. I’m glad I was able to work with him this semester and I’m excited about working with him next semester.

He is very encouraging, yet doesn’t sugar coat things. Wants to really help students to be their best.

Jeff is an impeccable vocal technician and incredible (creative, fun!) visualist.

I have progressed by truckloads this year. This has been a really wonderful class.

Jeff is inspiring, hilarious and brilliant. I have had so many vocal struggles and he helped me so much to find various ways to work through and with the problems. His knowledge seems to be infinite. I am graduating now but will work with him again.

I have improved a ton this term. Jeff has been a big part of that.

I feel this course has helped my singing improve immensely. Jeff is a great teacher and I feel he really understands what he is teaching and is very good at expressing what he wants. I feel that he is interested in helping me as a person grow as an artist.

Jeff Rocks!!!  I continue to get better. Sort of the goal, I know, but it’s awesome to experience.

Jeffrey Moidel is an expert visualist and communicator. Jeffrey’s valuable knowledge and talent in the areas of performance (and the psychology of), technique, musicianship, diction, and interpretation... is fabulous!

Jeff’s approach is innovative and creative. He always has such wonderful suggestions to help the voice!

I have learned more with this teacher than I have ever learned with any voice teacher before. Truth.

I’m making noticeable progress. Jeff is a TEACHER!

Jeff rocks the house!

Jeffrey Moidel is a superb instructor because not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the voice (and music in general) & is a fabulous musician himself, but he is enthusiastic about singers and most importantly, singing. His instruction has had a dramatically positive affect on my singing.

Student Evaluations from Voice Classes for non-voice majors:

Jeff has helped me expand past all my limits. I am deeply grateful for the patience & time he spent with me. It has improved all areas of my studies—including my Art.

Wonderful, supportive and fun

Jeff obviously has a strong knowledge of music and is strong in imagery to make exercises more effective.

  1. Jeff is a natural teacher, full of enthusiasm. 

I loved this class. Moidel knows just how to explain what to do with your voice! Also, he makes class fun.

This was great fun—Jeff took every opportunity to help us grow and have a positive experience.

He had very inventive ways of communicating technique and achieving noticeable improvement in all of his students. He was very effective and passionate about the energy, emotion, and commitment singing requires. He also addressed stage fright very well, because it came up in the class and now everyone is comfortable.

Jeff is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher who got notes out of me that I never knew I could do! Thank you Jeff.

Loads of Fun.

This course & Jeff made singing more fun for me & gave me more confidence.

Jeff is a great teacher. He uses wonderful imagery and takes time to work on students.

Jeffrey Moidel is a teacher of the highest caliber. His ability to understand the student and articulately express this understanding encouragingly is unparalleled... I have made great progress within the relatively short time that I’ve worked with Jeff, and although I’ve worked carefully to make that progress, I couldn’t have made it so quickly without him.

[Jeff’s] knowledge of English diction is immense, his understanding of the expression of song (the actor component of the singer) is great… His knowledge is too wide and too valuable to all singers to restrict to private lesson time alone.

Jeff Moidel does an excellent job at teaching this class. He’s especially good with the non-musicians in the group. He’s able to use his experiences in the other arts to connect with them.

Student Evaluations from Diction Classes for Voice Majors:

Jeff knows diction really well, and I think that he should teach all of the diction classes. His demeanor is perfect and he is very intelligent and knows exactly what he is teaching and precisely how to relate to us.

Jeff rocks my socks so hard they unravel. He’s so informative and attentive to each student’s needs. It seems like he knows everything!  But not in a pompous way... I love him!

Jeff is a fabulous teacher. He kicks major ass and rocks the hizhouse bitches. He made IPA [International Phonetic Alphabet] fun in a way.

Jeff is an awesome teacher with incredible knowledge and skill in this area.

He [Jeff] is an invaluable resource for this school and my education.

This class was great;  Jeff was helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

I found the flexibility in class very helpful and I appreciate my knowledge of IPA extremely. It will definitely come in handy.

So knowledgeable and passionate about subject. He should teach all the diction classes. Seriously. He understands how language and the mouth work so well!

I really enjoyed the class. Not only was it educational, it was a blast. Jeff is an excellent teacher.

Jeff is a very fun and enthusiastic teacher. I felt like I learned a great deal about the class’ subject matter as well as acting. We had a lot of laughs, and he was very clear in what he was teaching us. He made learning interesting. I look forward to learning more from him in the future! Thanks.