Workshops for Performing Artists

The Dynamic Performer

This is a problem-solving workshop designed to address virtually any performance  related issue that might come up for the participants. These might include, but are not limited to, stagefright, “inner judges,” connecting with an audience, overcoming technical problems, feeling awkward on stage, practice techniques, taking a bow, audition and interview situations, feeling dependent on your teacher, finding a deeper internal source for your inspiration, finding new energies for performance, body tensions, or simply finding the courage to trust your abilities. The workshop also provides teachers with alternative methods to help meet their student’s needs. 

A wide array of techniques are employed drawing from Psychodrama, Psychosynthesis, i.e., working with sub-personalities, Voice Dialogue, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Right-brain-Left-brain Switching Techniques, Inner Game, and Improvisational Theater. Much of the work that Mr. Moidel does has evolved from his close association with the late Eloise Ristad, author of A Soprano on Her Head.


What People Are Saying...

From a workshop at Cornish Collge of the Arts:

  1. Bullet.Very well done!  I liked jumping into exercises right away and learning from them right away. There was so much information: I was fascinated by and learned from all of it. I could have gone for another three hours! I have lots of things to use to apply to my own performing; I already feel more confident about it and more excited to perform. The class gave me lots of things to explore and play with on my own. I am eager to read all of the books he recommended on performing.  Thank you! This has been a great help to me!

  1. Bullet Very informative!  It was nice to look at music through how the brain works instead of how the music works. It’s a whole new experience.

  1. Bullet Valuable information presented in a helpful, non-threatening way. Provoking thoughts on the subject of performing and performance anxiety. Well worth the Time.  Thank you

  1. Bullet.I found this class more beneficial than I originally had anticipated. How can you encapsulate such an experience? I guess this gave me things to think about when on stage—a better understanding of what’s going on inside me—my head, the audience—and to realize that it’s not as scary as I once thought. Even learning about the different mediums-/ singing, piano—how each of us approach getting on stage & realizing I’m not alone…

  1. Bullet.This is such an essential & integral part of music study—it really should be part of any music school’s curriculum.

Today’s class was so well done, it left me wanting more.  When is the next one? !

  1. Bullet As a professional piano accompanist, I appreciated Jeffrey’s attention to positive qualities of each performer in the class. It reminded me of the concept that “there are no ‘wrong’ feelings.”  A regularly scheduled (and frequent) class of this nature with such an energetic instructor is essential for building & maintaining a life-long love of performing, whether as an amateur or professional.

From a Vocal Workshop at Western Washington University:

♦This was a very valuable session, I think, for everyone involved. You addressed every singer (and pianist) as individuals while sending us all the message that we are most often our own biggest obstacle in having a successful performance. I liked how you explored and gave attention to “problems” and specific ways we perceive them…and then gave a process by which to overcome those problems or perceptions. IT WAS GREAT!

♦I got a great deal out of your interpretive suggestions. Although we were all put on the spot, I appreciated your efficiency in dealing with our performance issues. I would have loved more “coach-like” advice on vocal issues, but I’ll just hire you as a coach for that!

♦I very much like the process of exploring each individual’s personal instincts and talents and trip-ups. I found that I was able to take risks that I have not been able to take otherwise. I had fun & would do it again, and it makes me want to coach with you. Thank you!

♦I thought there were many great things about the seminar today. I enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the talk about sub-personalities, so much so that I’d like to explore it further. I think the assignments were great and very appropriate for the different problems. Superimposing subtexts was great! Every time I felt like people made big progress towards battling their own demons.  Thank you.

♦I definitely learned a lot from this workshop. I also have to admit I didn’t say everything that I was feeling, but you basically covered it with Sam. I pretty much have the same problems that he has with “voices in my head.” Listening to you give him certain suggestions really helped me. The comments you gave me also helped a lot. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done and I hope I can now start to be more confident in myself and use what you have taught me. You’re the best.

♦I thought it was very helpful for me to explore, instead of have someone tell me what they wanted or what their idea was. I was surprised how one suggesting could change my performance so much. Thank you!