Workshops for Music Schools and Performing Arts Institutions


The following workshop formats are available:

  1. 1. A general workshop of 1 1/2 to 3 hours length for musicians and performing artists as an introduction to these alternative pedagogical, practice and performance techniques. The focus is on working with a few individuals in a masterclass-like setting, although the entire group or class can participate in some exercises, too.

2.  A one day workshop consisting of 6 hours of process time and a one hour lunch break. Total time commitment then is 7 hours. The participants can be from diverse performance disciplines, i.e., singers, pianists, instrumentalists, and/or dancers, or from one specific group or department. For example, we might want to explore the particular problems that singers face as performing artists in one workshop. I have found that a separate workshop for actors has been more beneficial than including them with other types of performers. But I have also found that a variety of instrumentalists can work well together and even enhance understanding in the same workshop.

    This day would include a number of group exercises as well as focused work with individuals. We would identify and explore any performance related problems that arose for the group. We would also work with participants in performance situations and address their specific problems or needs using a wide array of techniques.

3.  A 2 1/2 day workshop usually consisting of a 3-hour evening session followed by two days of 6-hour sessions. In a longer time duration workshop we actually will create our own sub-society devoid of the normal expectations and inhibitions that one might experience in our society at large. When we experience the possibilities of unimpeded creativity and exploration the results are often startlingly beneficial. The opening evening is structured to develop rapport and trust between the participants. An atmosphere is created that allows us to move more deeply and at an accelerated pace into the various problems, inhibitions and issues that come up for the participants during the following two days.

4.  A series of classes can be given for one specific department, or a series can be divided between different departments or groups of performing artists. The format would be tailored to fit the specific needs of the school or institution.